Haut Underwear's Buyers Guide for Men's Designer Underwear

To help you navigate shopping for men’s designer underwear, we have prepared the following guide on how to confidently shop for new pieces that will take your underwear drawer to an elevated level.

1. Take Inventory

Our first recommendation in shopping for men’s designer underwear is to take inventory of what kind of underwear you already have. Do you have a favorite pair? What makes it your favorite? The fit and fabric, the way it feels on your body, or perhaps the way it boosts your confidence. Do you have some pairs you never wear? How do they feel when you put them on? Are they uncomfortable? If so, why? Perhaps it is the way they fit, or the way the fabric feels. If you can figure out why one pair is your go-to, and another is your not-ever, you will have a good understanding of what to look for when you are shopping.

2.  Experiment

Our second recommendation is to experiment. Now that you have figured out what you like about your favorites, it is time to update your underwear drawer. Don’t fall into the trap of buying the same pair over and over. If you discovered that you prefer briefs and soft silky fabrics, use that knowledge to explore new variations. Consider buying a brief in a soft fabric but in different colors, or a bold print. Or consider buying a jock but in the same color and fabric type. Or mix it up with a new brand in a similar style and color. Keeping things similar, but adding a slight twist, will lower the risk of a misstep in buying new styles.

3. Focus on Quality

Our third recommendation is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Like most clothing, underwear comes in many different variations and price points, from multi packs of generic mass brands to luxuriously crafted men’s designer underwear. Often in our throw-away culture, we are encouraged to buy cheap products that will quickly fall apart so we can do the same again. In contrast, we recommend you buy quality items, throughout your wardrobe, that with proper care will become old friends. Good style is not about how many items you have in your closet, but rather how the pieces you do have represent you and help you feel your best.

4. Be Body Positive

Our fourth recommendation is to stop worrying if you have the correct body. Humans are not singular in nature. Our bodies are as varied and distinctive as our personalities. At Haut Underwear we are 100% body positive. We believe all bodies are beautiful and that everyone can feel confident and sexy with their underwear. We offer some of the best underwear brands for men, who through creative design and technology make products that help accentuate our natural shapes, while at the same time not attempting to cover up and hide our natural shapes. Being body positive will not only help with choosing underwear, it will help bring confidence throughout your life.

5. Find a Trusted Retailer

Our fifth recommendation is to find a retailer you can trust. There are many places to shop, so look for a company that follows good practices that will enhance your shopping experience. Does the shop sell products you can envision yourself wearing? Are they good quality from well-respected brands? What is the customer service like? If you find a shop that sells premium products and will support them with excellent customer service, you will be in a good place to confidently experiment and update your underwear drawer. Finally, a retailer that offers an extensive selection of the best underwear brands for men will further enhance your shopping experience. Having a broad spectrum of products across different brands, will allow you to discover new favorites who will hopefully become old friends.