Skull & Bones

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Skull & Bones 2023 Spring/Summer collection. This is our first season carrying this exceptional brand and we are beyond excited to have them in the store. Their focus on luxury and fashion-forward style is the perfect addition to our collection of modern mens underwear.

Founded in 2014 by Vincent Pilato and Rob Matysiewski, Skull & Bones has a rebellious spirit and an ambitious objective of offering luxurious designer men’s undergarments with bold patterns and superior fabrics while offering flattering fits and luxury for the everyday man who demands more. They strive to treat each individual pair as a work of art, that is innovative, comfortable and stylish.

The Skull & Bones logo, chosen for its history of courage and ferocity, symbolizes a revolt against conventional underwear encouraging men to put aside their fears and bravely live life to the fullest.

Their impact on the underwear industry goes beyond their sophisticated collections. They are at the forefront of advocacy for equality, diversity and a more sustainable future for the environment. They proudly live their truth by doing good and enacting positive change in the world.

Welcome Skull & Bones!